Eternal Mindset wants to create a better world!

I started Eternal Mindset with the purpose of getting involved in projects that benefit society and/or the environment. I’m passionate about inspiring others to manage their organisations and companies in a sustainable way.

Accomplished Volunteer Projects

During the fall of 2014 I was involved in a project that developed the concept “Circular Fashion Show & Talk” a fashion show and panel discussions in central Stockholm. I participated in it and also organised the event itself. Read more here:

I volunteered as a sustainability mentor for the 2014-2015 period of “Sustainergies mentoring program”. The focus of this program is the personal and professional development of the students and my role as a mentor is to be a close and enquiring sustainability counsellor. Read more here: ​​​

Under 2014-2015 är jag utsedd till Hållbarhetsmentor i Sustainergies Hållbara mentors program. Programmets fokus ligger på studentens personliga utveckling och som mentor är min roll att vara en närvarande och frågeställande samtalspartner. Läs mer här -

Member of the Cradlenet. It is a network of about 100 designers, manufacturers, chemists, architects, eco-strategists, etc. who work together to put into practice the circular economy and spread out information about it in Sweden and all over the world. There are also similar organisations in Holland and Denmark. The concept Cradle to Cradle is one of the roads to get to the circular economy.
Read more about Cradlenet here: