”There is no business on a dead planet!”

We can help your company or organisation with the following

Current state analysis of the organisation’s processes ​

The goal with the current state analysis is to identify the gap between the current and the optimal distribution and integration of sustainability actions. This analysis of the current state provides insight into the areas where there is room for improvement, plus it reveals those sustainability issues that relate to your activities. 
It will provide the answers to the following:
- Where are we strong today?
- Which are our weaknesses?
- Where are the resources best used?
- What are the next steps?

Setting of goals and focus areas

They are tailored to your specific activities and the abilities of your employees. The current state analysis usually is needed to be able to set realistic and time-bound goals and focus areas. It is important that the goals are tailored to the workforce, so that they do not become “administrative monsters” and thus face the risk of not being achieved.

Action plan and implementation proposal, through the SMART method

Through workshops with the management team and/or with the purchasing/product development team. We build up routine procedures based on the set goals and prepare the necessary documents, likewise we identify the persons responsible for the tasks and the deadlines, especially if some issues do not fall into a particular department in the organisation. The goals are measurable in a realistic way and what the organisation achieves under the process is communicated or documented in an active and trustworthy manner.

External Inspiration - Popular at company events​

Sometimes external inspiration is needed to move forward in the internal process and create the necessary internal conversations. We can lecture on sustainable investments and exemplify how you can think in order to move forward, at every level of the organisation.  

Production of sustainability reports according to GRI​

It implies a more comprehensive analysis of the organisation’s current state and future development possibilities. Among other things, it includes the setting of goals, description of processes within the organisation to achieve the goals and identification of bottlenecks. An interests analysis for the report is important, as well as interviews with key persons in the organisation. Read more under the tab “Why GRI?”

Support during the GRI preparation process​

Would you like to write your first GRI report yourself, but you need support in terms of experience, formulating proposals or setting goals? We provide you a high level of expertise and help to take yourself forward, with your own internal power. We assist you to understand the different levels of sustainability reporting in accordance with GRI, as wells as which indicators you need to focus on.

Preparation of Codes of Conduct​

To minimise the risks of negative media attention, as well as to be able to attract future customers and therefore have a clean conscience as business owners. We look at the type of documentation needed for these and how it is to be implemented in order to be credible and trustworthy.

About Mia

Eva Karlsson, CEO at Houdini Sportswear

“During Houdini’s journey, Mia has been highly involved in the development of our internal structure and organisation. She has a good sense to develop long-term plans and to define the company’s values. Mia is a master in creating structure, obtaining clear goals and highlighting the priority areas in an effective and engaging manner. Mia has regularly lectured on sustainability and environmental issues, both internally and externally. Despite the complexity of the issues, she does it in a very inspiring and accessible way.”

Mats Hedblom, Professional Board Member and former CEO at Haglöfs of Scandinavia

“Mia, founder of Eternal Mindset, is an energetic and confident entrepreneur with strong visions, who stands up for what she thinks. She is delightful to work with and she easily inspires others in terms of commitment to sustainability issues. I am convinced that Mia will be successful in her new challenge because she has such a strong personal drive."

Anita Desai, Purchaser at Boliden, former Purchasing Manager at Haglöfs

“Mia is the star of the team. With friendly determination and clear focus, she gets all team players to joyfully do their best. A real “doer” with heart and mind in the right place. Mia is an asset to her employers in more ways than they think. With professional calm, Mia can analyse and negotiate so that both parties are satisfied. A visionary project manager that can prioritise and keep her promises.”