What does your organisation do to be part of the future system?

In this world we live today, profit comes first, before social and environmental issues, but the global economic system will look different tomorrow. What does your organisation do to satisfy the consumers of the future?

Thought experiment

It’s your daughter’s birthday. Obviously, you want to give her the best and most memorable birthday party. You are tired of all the unnecessary little things your children either buy for their friends or what they themselves get for their birthday. Because probably nothing will be useful or even worse, things will break during the first time they pla….

But a children’s birthday party does always mean presents and a visit to the toy store. Or?
What do you think it would happen if you propose to her friends not to bring a present?
What if they brought instead two things from their overcrowded rooms with toys, those they want to swap for something else?

Will your daughter accept this on her most meaningful day?

IF this were a successful concept – In which way would you benefit from this if you sold toys in the future?
What will it happen when our consumer behaviour becomes different and more thoughtful?

It is proven, effective sustainability efforts drive innovation. According to the Haga Initiative report “Corporate Climate Engagement – Profitable?” from 2014, the likelihood of a company considered sustainable to be also an innovation leader increases by 400%. Is it you or a competitor who launches first the next successful product/service/offer?

Read about the report here:

Do you wish to know how that first “Swap Party” went?
Who hesitated the most about it? The birthday girl, the guests or the parents?