To remain at the forefront of environmental and sustainable development is to create something that does not exist!

What can Eternal Mindset do for your company or organisation?

  • Would you like your company or organisation to move to a higher level in CSR and sustainability work, without the need of hiring more employees?
  • Has documenting your sustainability work up to date not been one of your strengths and you need help to get started?
  • Would you like to be able to communicate your sustainability work in a trustworthy way, but you do not know how to do it?
  • Would you like to inspire your co-workers to highlight the importance of CSR issues in their daily work?
  • The latest trends say that the consumer of the future is more informed about CSR and sustainability issues. Is your company prepared for the consumer of the future?
  • Would you like your company to stand out among its competitors and attract more customers/consumers even in 10 years time?

Which tools are needed?

We have the tools to help you get started with setting goals, implementing them and following them up. With the right vision and real CSR work, your company or organisation can gain loyal and satisfied co-workers.

Christian Nilsson, CEO at Galvin Green

"Eternal Mindset has helped Galvin Green define the direction for our sustainability work through workshops that gave us structural tools to move forward in the process.
In a professional and competent manner, we have been guided to set realistic sustainability targets for the future. With a long-term focus on business and profitability, combined with responsible and sustainable business, we are convinced that we are now on the right path for the future."

Eva-Kristin Öhman, Co-founder of "The New Leadership"

"Mia is a reliable person who easily leads others and is tremendously inspired to do good, both for society and the environment, and has an inner drive that I have seen in few others."​