Eternal Mindset -
is about running a company or organisation with common sense and long-term thinking

I, who started this firm, Eternal Mindset, have a background of almost 20 years in purchasing as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability and environmental related issues. I have for several years been part of the management team at Houdini Sportswear and also have completed an extensive leadership training in ”The New Leadership”.

With experience as purchasing and product development manager, materials development manager, purchaser, quality engineer, have environmental and CSR-related issues often been part of the work I have done at those companies I have worked for.

In my roles, I have developed framework agreements, improved purchasing processes and created the structure of the purchasing and product development work for the companies KappAhl, Fjällräven, Haglöfs as well as Houdini Sportswear. I have always strived to build long-term sustainable business, both commercially and and environmentally.

I dare say I am an expert in sustainability and environmental issues in a product development purchasing organisation.
I also have been in charge of personnel, have played an important role in the management team and have experience in complex and large purchasing.
For best results, I use a wide network of business contacts, which I am good at making practical and effective use of to bring out the most innovative ideas especially for your company or organisation.

The implementation of environmental and CSR work is often the most difficult part, once all the goals are set.

My main strengths are to set up the goals in a professional and effective way and to implement them in a practical way in all the areas of the company.

In the fall of 2013 I completed a certified training in GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), and I was in charge of preparing Houdini’s first GRI sustainability report for 2012/2013, which you can read here -

A YouTube video that I warmly recommend you to watch, but listen carefully because it goes fast!

The companies I have worked with

Completed trainings in recent years